Bespoke Tailoring Wholesale Prices

You would be happy to find out that you can now benefit from wholesale prices on any type of garment handmade for your measurements and specific requirements.

In other words Bespoke Garment for Made-To-Measure prices.

WHY is this possible?
Simply because by coming to us, you are cutting out the middle man by coming directly to our Production Team (Tailor, Designer, Stylist, Machinist etc).

Another plus:
we are so experienced - we cut straight to fabric, avoiding unnecessary calico making, which cuts your paying price by 30% ! Established over centuries Russian Pattern Cutting system and measurements allow us to save our time and costs.

We produce lovely garments that are shaped to fit perfectly your figure and your life/work/leisure style with care and great attention to detail.

Over the years, we served our community in providing them with comfortable clothing to an array of body shapes from skinny, oversized, disfigured and so on as well as to customers who find every day activities challenging.

Prices start from:

Skirt £70
Waistcoat £70
Trouser £100
Dress £150
Jacket £250
Overcoat £300

Please allow for fabric and trimmings.

To get inspired, please visit our Gallery

Personal Tailoring

For Men and Women
We Offer: